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  • An Inspector Calls quotes:Mr Birling
    • 'The Titanic... she sails next week... and unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable'.
      • We know Mr Birling is wrong about this because the Titanic sunk in 1912.
        • Priestly presents dramatic irony using the Titanic as an example to the audience.
          • This could also show how Mr Birling says things wrong to other people in the play and how he treats them wrong.
    • 'I'm talking as a hard- headed, practical man of business'.
      • Earlier in the play he only likes to talk about himself and how he knows how to control business and he is capable of knowing what happens in his business.
        • He does not value the opinion on the young which presents him being 'arrogant'.
    • 'The way some of these cranks talk now, you'd think everybody has to look after everybody else'.
      • 'Cranks' suggests negative connotations.
        • Mr Birling only cares about himself and his opinions only
          • No one else in the family can have their own view or opinion on something, they have to go by Mr Birlings views only.
    • 'He was prejudiced from the start'.
      • Talking about Inspector Goole.
        • The adjective 'prejudiced'  suggests the inspector his against capitalism and Birling doesn't like the thought of that.
          • Priestly uses this as another form of dramatic irony because the audience knows that Mr Birling disliked the Inspector when he was first presented to the family in act one.


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