An ICT System and Its Components

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  • An ICT System and Its Components
    • What is ICT?
      • Information Communication Technology
      • Used to:
        • Input data
        • Store data
        • Process and Transfer data
        • Output of information
      • Digital technology involved
        • Laptop, mobile phone, satellite navigation unit, digital television.
    • What is a System?
      • Any activity that involves input, process and output.
    • What is an ICT System?
      • Where a combination of hardware and software allows data to be input, then processed by the system before the output is sent directly to a user or another ICT system
      • Input
        • Data is entered into the computer system. Either manually (keyboard) or bar code reader for example.
      • Process
        • Data inputted is used to convert the input into a readable form
      • Output
        • Information obtained by processing the data is presented to the user in a logical format
    • The Components of an ICT System
      • People
        • Users of the system log on to the system, enter data and store or distribute outputs.
        • Maintenance staff play a key role in ICT systems to carry out routine operations
        • Design and development staff are involved in the system life cycle of the ICT system.
      • Data
        • A set of recorded facts, numbers or events that have no meaning.
      • Procedures
        • Security procedures to safeguard the system
        • Operating procedures (transferring data into the system)
        • Backup and Recovery procedures
        • Procedures related to legislation.
        • Organisations usually creates a number of procedures that their operation runs smoothly, irt is referred to as a code of practice.
      • Software
        • Application
          • Consists of generic software such as databases, word processors.
          • It also  consists of specific application software, which can either be bespoke or off-the-shelf.
        • System
          • Consists of operating system and a range of utility programs
      • Hardware
        • IS the physical part of a computer which includes digital circuitry
        • On the systems motherboard you have the Main Memory (RAM) and Central Processing Unit (CPU)
        • The main memory is volatile, which means the data stored on it is lost when the computer is switched off
      • Information
        • Output from the system. This is when data has been processed to give meaning and context to the user.


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