Analysing Substances

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  • Analysing Substances
    • Flame tests can be used to identify metal ions
      • Lithium compounds
        • Crimson flame
      • Sodium compounds
        • Yellow flame
      • Potassium  compounds
        • Lilac flame
      • Calcium compounds
        • Red flame
      • Barium compounds
        • Green flame
    • Al, Ca and Mg ions
      • White precipitate with Sodium Hydroxide solution
        • But only aluminium hydroxide precipitate dissolves in excess sodium hydroxide solution
    • Copper and Iron form a coloured precipitate with Sodium Hydroxide solution
      • Copper--> Blue
      • Fe (ll)--> Green
      • Fe (lll)--> Brown
    • Carbonates react with dilute acids
      • Produces carbon dioxide
        • Forms a white prec. with limewater, which turns it cloudy
    • Sulfate ions in solution form a white prec. with barium chloride solution
      • In the presence of dilute HCl acid


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