The Aeneid: Character Study: Anchises in The Aeneid

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  • Anchises in The Aeneid
    • Plot
      • Book 2
        • Aeneas thinks about Anchises before he thinks about Creusa
        • Lives with him as part of the Oikos structure
        • Refuses to leave because of his piety to Troy
          • Leads Aeneas to try and stay and fight
        • Carried on the back of Aeneas
        • One of the few people to escape the fall of Troy
      • Book 5
        • Games are held a year after his death in his honour
        • Appears to Aeneas in a dream telling him to follow the advice of Nautes and to visit him in the Underworld to achieve his fatium
      • Book 6
        • In the Elysium fields: highlights him to have been a good man in his life time
        • Aeneas' purpose for the whole book is to visit his Dad
        • Watches the regeneration of heroes; symbolic? Looking over the regeneration from Troy to Rome?
        • Lists the fate of his descendants including Augustus Caesar
      • Book 8
        • Allows for the Homeric Xenia from Evander for Aeneas due to Evander and Anchises' previous relationship
    • Themes
      • Pietas
        • Aversion to leave Troy
        • Crying over Misenus
      • Relgio and Virtus
        • Watching the reincarnation of heroes
        • In the Elysium Fields: good man
        • Has a funeral games and a proper burial a whole year after his death
        • Homeric Xenia with Evander allows for Aeneas to gain allies quickers
        • Interpreting the flames as an Omen from Jupiter
      • Paterfamilia and Fathers/Sons
        • Carried on the back of Aeneas: importance as Paterfamilia
        • Aeneas is willing to stay with him
        • Aeneas goes to the Underworld for him
        • Prophecy in Book 6: Augustus and Descendants
        • Appears to Aeneas in a dream to mentor him
        • Start of the Augustan line
    • Significant Language
      • "My first wish was to find my father" - Aeneas (2.635)
      • "If the gods in heaven had wished for me to go on living, they would have preserved this place for me" (2.461)
      • "Did you think I could run away and leave my father here?" "sacrilege" - Aeneas (2.658)
      • "Preserve my grandson." - (2.703)
      • "Anchises yields" - (2.704)
      • "O my son, dearer to me than life itself" - (5.725)
      • "tears streaming down his cheeks" - Seeing Aeneas (6.685)
      • "Three times the phantom melted in his hands, as weightless as the wind, as light as the flight of sleep." - (5.702)
      • "Began to speak through his tears" - Anchises about Misenus (6.867)


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