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  • Angellica
    • The character of Angellica creates a virgin-wh0re dichotomy through her juxtaposition with Hellena
      • "there's no sinner like a young saint
      • "conceal the fiend and show me the angel
      • a restoration audience would've perceived actresses to be supplementing their income by working as a prostitute
      • Hellena being played as a prostitute further reinforces this dichotomy
    • Angellica utilises her beauty and gender monetarily in order to achieve financial stability and independence
      • I resolve that nothing but gold shall charm my heart
      • thou hast a power too strong to be resisted
      • he that gives my price can make my pleasure
      • Nancy Vickers = a relationshipso constructed involves an active buyer, an active seller, and a passive object for sale
    • Angellica can be interpreted as a Petrarchan figure due to the recurring and frequent use of Romantic clichés and tropes
      • "I saw your charming picture and was wounded"
      • I should have seen you at my feet imploring it
      • Willmore's words :go through" Angellica to "the very soul"
      • Elizabethanportraits were often given as gifts to foreign monarchs = elevation of Angellica's portrait


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