Health and Social Care Mindmap

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  • Self-Concept
    • Appearance
      • how can having a boyfriend have a positive affect?
      • what can this do to their self concept if they have lots of tattoos and piercings?
    • Culture
      • how can this have a negative affect in school?
      • an indian girl wears a burkha, how can this be a positive factor?
    • Education
      • how can this have a negative impact on a child with dyslexia?
      • what can having a good education do to their self concept?
    • Sexual Orientation
      • how does this link in with culture?
      • what is a negative impact on this?
    • Relationships
      • how can it be positive to a married couple?
      • how can this make a single parent family feel?
    • Life Experiences
      • how can this affect someone who has lost a family member?
      • how can going to school have a positive effect?
    • Gender
      • how can this link to sexual orientation?
      • how can this a positive factor?
    • Abuse and neglect
      • how does this make others feel?
      • what will this do to their self esteem?
    • Emotional health and well being
      • how can it affect someone who is disabled?
      • how can it be a positive factor to a 16 year old?


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