Applying Best Practice in Health, Social Care & Child Care Environments

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  • Applying Best Practice in Health, Social Care & Child Care
    • Being non-judgemental
      • Not making assumptions about the person. Being respectful of their feelings, experiences & values
    • Respecting the views, choices & decisions of individuals who require care & support
      • Care that meets the needs of an individual
      • Providing person-centred care and making individuals feel valued & supported
    • Anti-discriminatory practice
      • Ensures that no one is excluded from activities, make them accessible for all.
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    • Valuing diversity
      • Recognising & respecting individuals differences
      • Offering choice e.g. menus with a range of catering options for all needs: Vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free, etc.
    • Using effective communication
      • Enabling informed choices to be made if individuals have the information they need
    • Following agreed ways of working
      • Following an organisation's policies & procedures so that care provide is appropriate, correct & safe
    • Provision of training & professional development opportunities for staff
      • Ensures that staff are up to date with the latest legislation, knowledge, methods and skills required for their role
      • The Care Certificate ensures new care workers know how to provide quality care & have an understanding of equality, rights & diversity
    • Mentoring, monitoring & performance management of staff
      • An experienced person shares their knowledge & skills with another person to enable them to develop their skills & improve their practice
      • Checking the progress or quality of care practice over time
      • The experienced person gives advice, answers questions & gives feedback
      • Observations in a school; asking opinions of the pupils
    • Staff meeting to discuss issues/ practice
      • Give the opportunity to share best practice & discuss what went well.
      • Reminders of policies or procedures can be given & also updates & general information
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