The Tempest - Ariel

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  • Ariel
    • Christian Renaissance reading
      • Prospero seen as a God figure
        • Ariel takes Prospero from a revengeful Old Testament God to the New Testament who is more giving and understanding
      • Ariel - restorer
    • Colonial reading
      • Prospero is the master, Ariel the slave
        • "my slave" - Prospero
        • "my noble master" - Ariel
      • Submissive character - "I have done thee worthy service"
        • "served without grudge or grumblings"
      • Flatters Prospero - "all hail, great master"
        • First thing Ariel says - first impression
      • Only true native of the island
      • Kept away from Caliban - only speaks to him when he pretends to be Trinculo - "thous liest!"
    • Ability to transform
      • Aware of his ability/ power
      • Associate with ability to empathise - changes to understand others
      • Illusory powers - are his powers just an illusion?
    • Highlights Prospero's brutality
      • Difference in language between Sycorax's actions and Prospero's threats
        • Prospero - "rend an oak" "peg thee in his knotty entrails" "howled"
        • Sycorax - "did confine thee" "groans"
      • Irrational reaction to Ariel asking for his "liberty"
        • Leads audience to question the treatment of Caliban
    • Role of humanity
      • Refused to do Sycorax's "earthy and abhorred commands"
      • Prospero uses his "noble reason" instead of "fury" because of Ariel - "mine would sir, were I human"
    • Necessary to Prospero's power
      • Prospero vows to "retire" and "break (his) staff" once he loses Ariel
      • Used in all Prospero's illusions - Harpy scene, the Masque, the Tempest


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