Article 6

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  • Article 6
    • Article 6(1)
      • Entitlement to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal
        • "Fair"
          • Equality of arms
            • Steel and Morris v UK
            • T and V v UK
          • Presumption of innocence
          • No self-incrimination
            • Brown v Stott
        • "Public hearing"
          • Justice must be seen to be done
            • Cases with children, in the interest of national security or mental health tribunals do not have to be public
              • B and P v UK
        • "Independent and impartial tribunal"
          • Twomey
          • Pinochet
          • Stansbury v Datapulse and Troy Holdings
    • Article 6(2)
      • Applies to criminal cases
      • Presumption of innocence until proven guilty
        • Salabiaku v France
    • Article 6(3)
      • Minimum rights of the accused in criminal cases
        • Suspect must be informed of the accusation in a language they understand
        • Suspect must be granted adequate time and facilities to prepare a defence
        • Suspect must be able to defend themselves in person, thorough legal assistance, or free legal help where the interests of justice require it
          • Home Sec v AF
          • Ibrahim
          • Abdurahman
        • Suspect must be allowed to have witnesses examined
          • Davis
        • Suspect must be allowed to have a free interpreter if needed
    • Extra cases
      • Osman
        • Judges have immunity from suit, police do not
      • Robins v UK
        • 4 year wait for a trial too long
      • AG's Ref No 3 of 2000
        • Evidence obtained by undercover police invalid
      • Brumarescu v Romania
        • Judge must give reasons for decision
      • Golder
        • Right to contact lawyer
      • Murray
        • Right to contact lawyer


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