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  • Assess the contribution of Marxism to our understanding of society (33 marks)
    • For communism
      • communism is to be equal and a community
    • Karl Marx
      • he used dialect to explain how history is full of contradictions
        • workers and capitalists have a bad relationship because of exploitation of workers
      • Marx started with Labour and how we need it for survival, through Labour we all have a purpose
      • workers of the world unite!! You have nothing to lose but chains!
      • Marx originally welcomed capitalism's promsies to rid the world of hunger
    • Hierarchy
      • Proletariat- are the workers and are at the bottom of the hierarchy
      • Bourgeoisie- These are the people at the top of the hierarchy who invest money we don't have
    • Alienation
      • This is mostly towards women
      • relationship between human labour and human nature is perverted by capitalism
      • our labour come to a means end by capitalism, we are alienated on purpose
    • Against Capitalism
      • competition between workers is encouraged
      • human potential is wasted by capitalism. We can't use the skills we have as we are undermined.
      • This is unequal treating in society, working against each other
    • Family
      • they don't like nuclear families as it supports capitalism


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