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  • Assumptions of Approaches
    • Cognitive
      • 'Behaviour is a product of information processing.' Our minds use internal process (reasoning, remembering) that help us make sense of the world around us
      • 'The brain can be compared to a computer.' Computers and humans process information through three stages: input, processed, output.
    • Behaviourist
      • 'Behaviour is a learned response to environmental stimuli.' Classical (learning through association) and operant conditioning (rewards)
      • 'Behaviour can be learned through observation and imitation.' Role models, model is given rewards, vicarious reinforcement with rewards.
    • Social
      • 'Wider culture and society influence people's behaviour.' Two types of culture: individualist and collectivist.
      • 'Behaviour occurs in social context.' Conformity is one way social context affects our behaviour. Social situations influence behaviour.
    • Biological
      • 'Behaviour is influenced by our biology.' CNS (brain), Genes (and environment), neurochemistry (neurotransmitters).
      • 'Behaviour is a product of evolution.' Natural selection


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