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  • Atavistic Form- Lombroso
    • Atavism
      • Criminals have different physical features than non- criminals
      • The features were called atavistic & were said to be a more primitive evolutionary stage
      • 'Murderers have bloodshot eyes, curly hair & a prominent jaw'
      • Criminals have narrow sloping brows, strong prominent jaw, extra *******, toes & fingers, high cheek bones and large ears
    • Research
      • Cialdini
        • Defendants rated more attractive got lighter sentences
        • P's rated attractiveness of 74 male defendants pre-trial
      • Castellow
        • P's given sexual assault cases, some with previously rated attractive defendant and some with unattractive defendant & asked if the defendant is guilty or not
        • Attractive defendant- guilty 56%
        • Unattractive defendant- guilty 76%
        • Attractive victim- guilty verdict 77%
        • Unattractive victim- guilty 55%
    • Evaluation
      • GORING compared 3000 criminals & 3000 non- criminals. Found no significant difference in physical features
      • Sheldon did not compare criminals with non- criminals= no comparative measure. Some criminal features found in non criminals
      • Sample was people with psychological disorders so maybe Lombroso confused criminality with psycho-pathology


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