Atomic Structure

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  • Atomic Structure
    • Protons, Neurons, Electrons...
      • Electrons orbit nucleus in shells; the same amount as a proton
      • Makes up the Nucleus; all of its mass.
      • Protons +1; mass (1.0)
        • Neutrons 0; mass (1.0)
          • Electrons -1; mass (1/2000)
    • Isotopes...
      • same Protons & Electrons
        • Different Neutrons
      • Atomic No.= No. of Protons; Mass No.= No. of Protons & Neutrons.
    • Atomic Structures of Ions...
      • Gaining or losing elctrons; forming charged particles
        • Ion: a positively or negatively charged atom; eg: Na+: one fewer electron & Cl-: one more electron.
      • Remember to change only the no. of electrons when writing down structures.


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