Audiences targeted/constructed in Black Panther: African Americans

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  • African Americans
    • Date of release was in February which is Black History Month in the US.
    • Diversity and fighting racism
      • In 2016, a hashtag was popularised oscars so white
      • Majority of the cast are black and from different countries in Africa.
      • The movie was named black Panther's after the group of people who followed Malcom X
        • As well as African Americans, people interested in history may recognises this intertextual reference
          • As well as this, in the trailer there are references to the poet Gil-Scot Heron with lyrics from a famous piece called the revolution will not be televised
    • Afrofuturistic movie
      • the artform or practise that allows black people to see themselves in the future despite a distressing past and present
        • Often black people are shown in a stereotypical way in movies, whether they are shown as a 'thug' or a loud best friend.
        • In the fantasy, hero etc genre, there is a lack of black people shown so afrofuturism is showing black people in these fun, creative ways
    • An intercultural product
      • There are multiple cultures referenced in Black Panther such as African (Indigenous) cultures, Inner city America , hip hop culture, marvel culture etc.
        • Lots of people can relate to representations in the movie


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