Augustine Evaluation

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  • Augustine Evaluation
    • Scientific
      • Dawkins
        • Original Sin is absurd and dangerous
        • Literal belief in A+E is senseless – modern science supports the idea that humans evolved from less sophisticated forms of animal life
        • Christians have an unhealthy obsessions with sin associated with sex.
    • Logical
      • Edward Gibbons
        • "His learning is too often borrowed and his arguments too often his own” 
        • Aug. seems to deny human capacity for perfection. Post-Enlightenment Philosophy and Ethics challenges this (Kant, duty, autonomy, reason).
      • Ian Barbour
        • Many do not take the Creation story literally but it can be used to shed light on humans and their relationship with the world.
        • Aug. insights into love and friendship can still be used but less so his work on the Fall.
      • Frued
        • Sex is an important +natural aspect of human development; whereas Aug. link between sex and transmission of sin makes it necessary for reproduction
        • Religion creates guilt + sexual repression as a result of indecency in the past
    • Moral
      • Kant
        • Salvation through ‘reason alone’ (for Aug. it was through God’s grace alone).
        • Agreed with Hobbes that conflict is in our nature.
        • Powerful human emotions and desires CAN cause us to act selfishly


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