Australia A2 Comparative Studies

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  • Australia
    • Cultural Context
      • Geography
        • Size: 7.692 million km2
        • Population:23million
        • 85% of population lives by coastal areas
          • This influences the type of sport that the country participates in. For example, they are more likely to be involved in sports like surfing, swimming, etc.
        • Topography
          • Low sandy eastern coastal plains - most habitable areas
            • Stimulated early development and later commercialisa-tion of sport
              • Commercialis-ation of sport
          • Central Plains are flat scrub-lands which are popular for bush-walking and trekking
      • Commercialis-ation of sport
      • 'Sporting Obsession'
        • Australia is a progressive nation with an energectic young culture
      • History
        • Free Settlers: These people had to choose to emigrate from the UK to australia
          • Many English criminals in 1788 were transported to Australia
            • Those criminals eventually had children named 'currency' and were the first Australian generation
              • People born in the Mother Land were known as a higher class. It was seen as a superior status
                • Mother Land: Used to refer to England
        • Cricket was one of the first sports in Australia, brought over by the British
    • Physical Education and School Sport
      • CASE STUDY: State of Victoria
        • Association Football = most favoured by boys
          • Netball = most favoured by girls
        • Physical Education is compulsory up until the age of 16
          • 65% of school-age children participate in sport outside of school hours
        • SEPEP
          • Sport  Education & Physical Education Programme
            • Teaching game strategies and incorporates both intra- and inter-school games
            • Ensure skills are well learned in order to increase the likelihood of lifelong participation
            • 100 minutes of sport per week
              • Australian Sport Commission funded the initial research relating the SEPEP programme
        • Overall priority is not to focus on producing sporting excellence but to improve the skills of young people
        • PHASE
          • Physical And Sport Education
            • Training of non-specialist teachers who may become involved in teaching physical activities
      • Exemplary
        • Schools with outstanding sports and physical education departments
    • Mass Participation
      • 62% over the age of 18 claim to particiate in sport or physical activity
        • Males are more likely to participate in sport than females
        • Of the 38% who did not undertake in sufficient hysical activity, 15% led a sedentry lifestyle
    • Sport and the pursuit for excellence
      • AIS
        • Australian IInstitute of Sport
          • Funded the government and was born after Aussies disappointing performance at the 1876 Montreal Olympics
            • After that they went form 0 medals in 1976 to 16 in  2000
              • Around 600 athletes a year gain scholarships to the AIS in around 25 different sports
      • AFL Football


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