Australia Sport

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  • Australia (AIS)
    • Developed from East German Model
      • Emphasis on Elite sport
        • providing opportunities + provisions
      • Adapting it to the sporting values and ambitions of australia
        • natural competitiveness
        • greater focus on teaching sport and physical education
      • early recognition and talent ID
        • Talent ID in schools
        • Scouting at competitions
      • higher percentage of active people than UK
        • live longer lives with fewer health implications
          • Greater life enjoyment
        • Healthy, balanced, active lifestyle
    • The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
      • age range from 13 - 30
      • announced in 1980, based in Canberra
      • aimed to improve provisions for elite/aspiring athletes
        • local and residential facilities
        • upgraded schools programme
        • School sport awards
        • Sponsorships
      • developed specialised state run centres
        • Centralised
        • Victoria institute of sport (VIS) - Melbourne
    • Poor Performance in Montreal 1976
      • no wins in the olympics
        • Decline since the Munich 1972 olympics
          • 8-Gold, 7-Silver, 2-Bronze
      • identified a decline in physical activity rates
        • higher obesity rates
        • General lack of fitness
    • Pyramid of development
      • identify drop out rates
      • local, national and regional organisations
        • provide pathways from grassroots to excellence
        • better coaching, equipment, facilities due to more funding
        • national/elite squad
      • Elite Performer Participation Grassroots
        • Essential to develop young athletes
    • Case Study: SuperRoo bikes
      • cause of AUS Olympic team champions 3 years running
        • not limited to Australia, as a commercial enterprise
      • bikes built by RMIT(Melbourne)
        • AIs used advanced cycling test machience = best design
          • personally adjusted models to the athletes
          • Wind tunnels
          • Carbon fibre cycle, lightweight and aerodynamic


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