Obsession/isolation in ARWAV, Song (Ae fond kiss) and Remember

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  • Authors presentation of Obsession and lonliness
    • A Room with a View
      • George is obsessed with Lucy
        • "It has happened, and i mean to find out what it is"
          • He's fallen in love with Lucy, his intent to find out what 'it is' shows the start of his obsession with her.
        • "He contemplated her as one who had fallen out of heaven"
          • Already, he's comparing Lucy to an angel, without getting to know her, his love and obsession for her is blinding him and clouding his judgement
            • She's not truthful to him until the very end
              • Lucy says that he was "nothing to her", in a vain attempt to get rid of him
        • George kisses Lucy twice, the first time she leaves to get away from the situation, the second time she gasps "No" as he kisses her
          • Georges pursuit of Lucy is relentless, he kisses her even though he knows she's engaged to another man, shows his passion and ability to act on impulse unlike others in the novella.
        • "He should know no one intimately, least of all women"
          • He disregards social conventions and points out Cecil's undesirable attributes in an attempt to win Lucy over
        • "I love you", "I'm not ashamed. I don't apologise"
          • Completely honest about his feelings and even goes on to say "I cannot live without you"
    • Song (Ae fond kiss)
      • "Ae fond kiss and then we sever"
        • Sudden and painful final parting
          • "Had we never lov'd sae kindly, Had we never lov'd sae blindly! Never met - or parted, We had ne'er been broken-hearted
            • Easier if they had never met, now he's left broken
              • The last stanza mirrors the 1st, reiterates that nothing has changed, this is a final goodbye
      • Feminine endings suggest a sad ending
      • "While the star of hope leaves him... Dark despair around benights me"
        • Metaphor, all hope has gone. Now he's full of pain
      • Repetition of 'love' in the middle of the poem resembles the heart and how he's hiding his feelings.
        • "to see her was to love her; Love but her, and love for ever
          • Loves her and only her for ever. Separation of forever emphasises the longevity of his love for her
    • Remember
      • "Remember me when i am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land"
        • She's pleading with her lover to remember her, the repetition of 'away' emphasises her absence.
        • Remember also repeated later in the poem, highlights her desire to be remembered
          • "You tell me of our future that you planned"
            • Desperate for her lover to talk to her, doesn't want him to forget the plans they had
          • "Only remember me;"
            • Caesura and the use of 'only' reiterate her desire to be remembered, she doesn't want to be forgotten or she'll be alone
          • "Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad"
            • Implies it's better to be naive
            • Rhyme scheme is broken here, shows uncertainty as to when it will happen.
            • Juxtaposes the rest of the poem, as if she has a change of heart
              • Are her comments insincere?


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