Presentation of the sexes in ARWAV, The Scrutiny and The Ruined Maid

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  • Authors presentation of the sexes
    • A Room with a View
      • Women are selfish
      • George Emerson's cries of "I love you"
        • Despite this Lucy continues to stifles her love
          • Women are selfish
          • Doesn't want to deal with consequences
          • Contrasts George's belief that he "can't live without her"
          • Lucy adamant that George is "nothing to her"
            • Contrasts George's belief that he "can't live without her"
      • Forster teases readers about Lucy changing
        • The kiss at the end of chapter 6
          • Phaethon's (the radiant one) presence foreshadows what was to come as he leads Lucy to George
            • Exclaims "Courage and love"
              • Helps her see the "view was forming"
        • George sees Lucy as one who "fell out of heaven"
    • The Scrutiny
      • Men are selfish
        • Refers to his lover as 'Lady'
          • She's of little or no value to him
          • Very generic, she's common and maybe he's done it before.
        • "Lady it is already morn"
          • Implies one night of passion is enough, he wants to move on
        • Answers questions he poses to his partner
          • Leaves her voiceless
            • "If when i have loved my round, thou provest pleasant she... i laden will return to thee
              • He'll return to her if she's 'better than the other women he's slept with
        • It's a "fond impossibility" for them to live happily ever after
          • "I must all other Beauties wrong"
            • Staying with her would be wronging all other 'beauties'
    • The Ruined Maid
      • Fallen women
        • Does not specify who the 'ruined maid is'
        • Repetition of 'ruined' emphasises how Victorian societies treated 'fallen women' as outcasts
          • Alternatively, it could be sarcasm towards the 1st speaker
            • She doesn't care how she's seen by others
              • Contrast Lucy, she was ready to marry the wrong man because she was so focused on how society would see her
      • Dramatic dialogue


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