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  • Autism
    • Symptoms
      • Lower than average language abilities
      • Low levels of imaginative thinking
      • Problems with communicating
      • Problems with building social relationships
      • Preference for order and organisation
      • A resistance to change
    • Brain structure and function
      • the autistic brain is even bigger than the male brain
      • autistic people tend to have better spacial skills than the average male
      • people with autism tend to develop language even slower than normal males
    • Females
      • there is still some possibility that the female brain can be affected in a 'male' way due to some testosterone being produced
        • This explains why there are some females with autism
          • Although only one quarter of autistic people are female
    • "Extreme male brain" explanation
      • Can account for...
        • why there are more boys with autism
        • why some girls suffer from autism
        • some of the exceptional skills present in some sufferers
      • Not all people with autism show enhanced skills
      • people with autism may not match the description of being 'extreme males
      • defines maleness as a mild for of autism
    • Sex genes and hormones
      • a suggested genetic link
      • autistic brain is an extreme version of the male brain
    • Facts
      • autism is a developmental disorder
      • autism is usually diagnosed between 18 months and 4 years of age
      • autism is a spectrum disorder
        • the behaviour will fall somewhere on a graded scale (from mild to severe


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