Aztec Food and Feasts

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  • Aztec Food and Festivals
    • During winter hunger and starvation common as harvest were not reliable because of droughts and sudden frosts.
      • When food was scarce the government organised handouts from wealthy nobles to the poor.
      • Corn and vegetables vital to survival as not enough wild food to go round.
        • Deserts and rainforests provided wild foods.
          • Cocoa beans made hot chocolate drinks
          • Prickly pear cactus was a  sweet  fruit
          • Wild black bees produced honey. The bees did not have stings
    • Aztecs had a healthy diet but simple
      • Ate corn ground into flour and cooked as porridge, tortillas or tamales. They were served with hot spicy bean and vegetable stews.
      • MEAT. They ate deer, rabbit, turkeys, and dogs. Armadillos were a special treat. They did NOT eat sheep, cows.
      • FISH. They used spears and nets to catchfish, turtles, frogs and lizards. They also ate freshwater shrimps, tadpoles, fish eggs and insect larvae.
      • Cannibals!  They also ate human flesh form enemy captives from other tribes. It was shared among the warrios families and were to honour the gods and remind everyone that life is perilous.
    • BREAKFAST - Aztecs ate breakfast at 10am after they had been working. This would be atole (maize porridge) and sweetened with honey or spiced with peppers.
    • LUNCH (MAIN MEAL). Aztecs would work until 2pm, when the sun was at its hottest. This was tortillas and tomato and bean stew. Men ate first.
    • FEASTS - An emperor would eat around 30 courses and would include sweet potato and water fly.
    • DRINKS - Octli is an alcoholic drink made from sap of plant. Atole could also be drunk.


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