Aztec Gods

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    • Religion important. They believed everything in life is controlled by the Gods. Each god ruled one or more human activities or aspect of nature.
      • They make crops grow, the sun rise, rain to fall.  BUT also bring disease and bad luck
    • Chantico ('in the house')- Goddess of FIRE.  Wears cactus spikes and in charge of volcanoes and fire in your homes. She protects Aztec homes
    • Huitzilopochtli - GOD OF WAR and the rising sun anf special guardian of Tenochtitlan. His father was a ball of feathers. His temple on the pyramid was focus of sacrifices. Always shown as a warrior.
    • Quetzalcoatl - THE GOD OF WIND 'Feathered Serpent'. He is god of wind and knowledge. A friend of people, he teaches them skills such as picture writing, art and science. His hat is made out of feathers of Quetzal bird
    • Tlaloc- GOD OF RAIN 'the one who is made out or earth'.The rain he brings allows crops to grow. BUT he needs the tears of dying children. He is shown with goggle eyes and long teeth.
    • Tezcatlipoca - GOD OF NIGHT SKY, ANCESTRAL MEMORY, TIME and LORD OF NORTH. He created the world with Quetzalcoatl (his eternal opposite). He can tempt humans to self destruction and take a turkey form when he cleanses them of contamination, take their guilt and overcome their fate.


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