Aztecs - Fall of the Aztec Empire

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    • 1) LEGEND - Montezuma believed that one day the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl would arrive and look different to the Aztecs. He would be dark haired and have a black beard.
    • 5) Cortes travels to Tenochtitlan, conquering cities along the way and making alliances wit h local tribes. The Tlaxcalans became close allies to Cortes as they hated the Aztecs who raided their cities for people to sacrifice.
    • 2) Hernan Cortes arrived on Mexican coast in 1519 with 350 sailors. He looked like Quetzalcoatl!
    • 6) Cortes arrives in Tenochtitlan. He's initially given gifts as he is still thought to be the god and is given a house next to the palace. Tensions mount  as Spanish do not like daily sacrifices and become wary of Montezuma. and fighting breaks out. Cortes eventually takes Montezuma captive.
    • 7) Cortes travels to coast where it is cooler and leaves some of his men in charge of guarding  Montezuma. is killed in captivity.
    • 9) Cortes then spends a year planning an attack on Tenochitlan. He stops canoes and merchants entering the city so the people start to starve. He then attacks with horses and cannons destroying the city.  He is now the ruler of Spain's new empire - Mexico
    • 3) Cortes fought natives and overpowered them with superior weaponry and armour. Natives surrendered and offered him gifts and slaves. One slave told him about the Aztecs. Cortes decided to meet them.
    • 4) Montezuma heard from Atztec messengers that Cortes looked like Quetzalcoatl and so he sent gifts of gold and chocolate to welcome him. This made Cortes want to travel to Tenochitlan. He set fire to his ships so his men could not leave him.
    • 8) Soon after the Aztecs have a festival and the Spanish panic and start firing into the crowds before trying to flee the city. Montezuma is killed during the fighting.


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