Characteristic Features of Brahms in his Ballade and Intermezzo

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  • Brahms - Characteristic Features
    • Overall thoughtful and considered style
    • Romantic lyricism
      • Leap of a 7th bar 34
    • Master of building a phrase from a motif
      • Ballade - bar 15 is based of bar 3 with added figured bass
      • Intermesso - the main theme is repeated at bar 34 in inversion
    • Valued balance
      • Both of his pieces are ternary form with equal phrasing
    • Climbing in semitones to reach the climax
      • Intermezzo - bar 30 climbs in semitones reaching a high A
    • Texturally imaginative
      • melody moved to inner parts in the Intermezzo bar 30 -34
    • Doubling of melody in 3rds, 6ths and 10ths
      • evidence found in the first 4 bars of the intermezzo
    • Use of classical ideas
      • Emphasis on balance
      • repetition in bar 8
      • modulation to closely related keys
      • First phrase ends with a imperfect cadence, second phrase ends with an perfect cadence
      • rolling arpeggio accompaniment. Ballade bar 38 -48


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