Bach Brandenburg Concerto

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  • Bach Brandenburg Concerto- bb. 40-67
    • bb. 40- 41- Basso Continuo- D Minor arpeggios
      • bb. 40- 41- Trumpet takes ritornello theme
    • Circle of Fifths
      • bb. 40, 41- D Minor
      • bb. 42, 43- G Major
      • bb. 44, 45- C Major
      • bb. 46, 47- F Major
      • b 52- G7 Chiord- V7 inC
      • b. 54- V7 in D
      • b. 55- V7 in B Flat
      • b. 53- B7 in G
    • b. 50- V7 Chord in B Flat- Dominant 7th of B Flat- F7 Chord
      • Trumpet has G major arpeggio
      • Recorder has running semiquavers
      • Oboe plays repeated C quavers
      • Violin has opening ritornello
      • Syncopation in frist Violin
      • Quaver chords shaared between second Violin, Viola and Cello
      • Repeated E Flat quavers in Basso Continuo
    • Concerto Grosso- Small group of soloists-  Concertino, with a small orchestra- string ensemble in this case- Ripieno, plus Basso Continuo- Cello and Keyboard
    • Ritornello Form-  'Little return'- Recurring motif with interspersing solo episodes
    • Many tutti sections eg. bb. 47- 52
    • bb. 42- 43- Trumpet passes meloy- ritornello theme- to the Recorder.
      • Trumpet now has running semi quavers
      • Not many dynamics in this section- typical of Baroque Music- not many score indications
    • bb. 44- 45- Trumpet drops out to change tubing
      • Recorder passes ritornello theme to the oboe
    • bb. 46- 47- Trumpet rejoins playing G Major arpeggios
      • Basso Continuo play running semi quavers
    • In this section, Bach doesn't go beyond the first two bars of this opening idea.
      • bb. 66- 67- Trumpet has decortaed solo episode- Trill
        • Violin copies sequential idea in the recorder.
        • Violin and Recorder harm,onise in 6ths- often used in Barqoue music
    • bb. 48- 49- Trumpet has Fanfare idea in D
      • Basso Continuo play  C Major arpeggios
      • Concertino and 1st Violin  play rising and falling running semi quavers- scalic
      • 2nd Violin plays an idea of what the concetinon plays, whilst the Viola imitates the Basso Continuo harmonising in thirds
    • b. 51- Trumpet plays repearted quavers in B
      • Oboe has opening ritoenello
      • Double stopping in Violin- F Sharp and A


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