Baddeley - Coding AO3

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  • Baddeley - Coding AO3
    • Accuracy
      • Reliable data - large sample of 72
      • Although, there were so many groups so each one only had 15-20 people
      • Volunteer sample may mean that they put themselves forwards as they enjoy memory tests - not representative of most people
    • Reliability
      • Standardised procedures
      • Easy to replicate
      • Everyone saw the same word for the same amount of time (3 seconds)
    • Application
      • Better to revise through mind maps that use semantic links as it will be stored in LTM
      • Constant repetition (rote learning) might not be as effective
    • Validity
      • Poor ecological validity - recalling lists of words is quite artificial
      • Baddelely did improve this, he made a 5th trial participants weren't aware of


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