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  • LTM BAHRICK ET AL (1975)
    • weaknessess
      • What about people who kept in touch with friends from high school?
      • Or looked through their yearbook after graduation
      • They may have had the opportunity to rehearse the information more than someone who hadn’t looked at it or spoken to any one since.
    • strengths
      • Definitely is a real life task, so very valid
    • method
      • 392 participants aged 17-74
      • Used high school yearbook photos
      • 1) photo recognition task – p’s provided with photos (some that they had gone to school with, but not all) & asked to identify who they had gone to school with
        • 90% accurate within 15 years        70% accurate within 48 years
      • 2) free recall – no pictures, just asked to give names of fellow students.
        • 60% accurate within 15 years.       30% accurate within 48 years


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