Barries to Participation

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  • Barriers to participation and target groups
    • Women
      • Sterotypes
        • Look after kids
        • sport makes women more masculine
        • Victorian ideals
      • Barriers
        • Lack of role models
        • Lower income
        • male dominated environment
        • low self esteem
      • Improvements are being made
        • greater social acceptance of indepedence
        • Increased media coverage
        • More clubs and competitions
        • More qualifying as coached and officials
        • Women's Sport Foundation
          • Promotes benefits of ppt in exercise
            • Body image and increased energy levels
            • Reduces stress and depression
            • Develop team work, strategic thinking and goal setting
            • increases chance of academic success
          • Works with organisations to develop campaigns and policies: Sports Coach Uk and Women into High Performance coaching
        • Indoor activities
          • Warm and dry
          • good for body toning and fitness
          • Non-contact
          • Recreational and scoialable
    • Ethnic Minorities
    • Disabled
    • Low socio-economic status
    • post school gap
    • Why the government wants to focus on target groups
      • Reduce NHS strain
      • Reduces crime
      • Stress relief-ecomonical benefits
      • Social mixing
      • Provides employment


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