behaviuorism in language

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  • Behaviourism (11)
    • positive reinforcement
      • rewarding behaviours that are satisfactory
        • rewarding a child for  articulating
    • negative reinforcement
      • this slows language development
    • this is an outdated theory in linguistics because a child cannot come to learning language acquisition with a blank slate
      • a child cannot imitate every single pattern made in speech
    • behavviourism in language is when a child makes connections based on repeated previous experiences with a certain stimulus
    • classical conditioning is learning through asssosiation
      • an example of this is Pavlov getting a dog to salivate with the ringing of a bell
    • operant conditioning is learning through consequences/ positive and negative reinforcement
      • an example of this is Skinner's box with the rat
    • behaviourism is criticised because children make mistakes that adults do not make
  • sanctioning/ expressing diisatifaction for unsatisfactory behaviours
    • not giving a child a cookie
    • negative reinforcement
      • this slows language development


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