Beliefs and Marxism

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  • Marxism
    • justififies inequality and maintains status quo by legitimising power
      • Religion= instrument of social control => legitimise power/ wealth
      • divine right of kings - will of god gave them power to rule
        • crowned at westminster abbey
      • strength- hinduism ( the caste system)
      • challenge- Turner X golden age of religion 41% went to church - not as powerful as thought
    • develops a false class consciousness
      • Marx- religion = conditions the wc into being exploited => they cant see/ challenge
      • bourgeoisie benefit from the alienated - they wont challenge as its seen as sinful
      • transmitted to proletariat through sermons - victorian hymns
        • "the rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate. god made them gigh and lowly and order his estate."
      • support- Brazil pentecostalism - idealogical control
      • challenge - neo marxists- religion = liberating force - use to challenge -marginalised
        • e.g MLK
    • religion = opiate to dull the pain of oppression
      • important during the industrial rev - make the workers accept poor working / living conditions
        • overcome effects of alienation
      • Engels- christianity = salvation from misery in afterlife i being rich X beneficial
      • example- pentecostal religion in africa - 'the meek shall inherit the earth'
      • strength- significant in usa - african americans turn to baptis church/gospel music to mask pain
        • however may be exploited => Mboro
      • challenge = Turner- can onnly be opium of ppl if they are taking it => secularisation
    • religion supports political power + decision making
      • Bruce- USA 1st ammendment ppl have the right to practice/ not practice religion
        • religious liberty + keeping church and state sep
      • strength- religion + politics = idealogies - suppport each other
        • saudi arabia - religion shapes politics
        • the christian right - link btwn politics + religion
      • weakness- mix btwn pol and spiritual idealogies = hard to over come => if political idealogy is overthrown they may believe their religion is being threatened
        • example; saudi arabia - women wanting to frive but didnt want to challenge their faith


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