Berlin Blockade (1948)

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  • Berlin Blockade (1948)
    • Outcome for Truman
      • Airlifts gained wide public sympathy & boosted morale
      • NATO formed: need for more of a coordinated approach to prepare for Soviet aggression
        • Direct challenge to the SU
    • Yalta & Potsdam background
      • Division of Germany into 4 zones
    • Outcome for Stalin
      • Blockade lifted
      • Defeated
      • East Germany - GDR
      • Political embarrassment to the SU
    • Stalin's concerns
      • East Germany's living conditions low
      • West Germany establishing its own state?
      • Stalin's reaction
        • Cut all road, rail and canal links with West Berlin
        • 'Allied' reaction
          • Organised an airlift of supplies into Berlin
      • Allies issued a new currency
        • THREAT to Soviet security
          • West Germany establishing its own state?
      • Formation of Trizonia
        • Stalin thought this was against the Yalta agreement
      • Allies were reuniting Germany?
    • RESULT
      • Increased tension in CW
      • GDR another communist state
      • Germany permanently divided


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