Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique

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  • Symphonie Fantastique - Berlioz
    • Melody
      • Idee fixe unifies work - not static
        • Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement
      • Not only the idee fixe melody which alludes to the artist's state of mind - rising tension
    • Tempo, rhythm and metre
      • Highly emotional charged music - wide variety of rhythms
        • Andante symphony 1st - Elgar - ties unsettles pace
      • Main section is allegro which is typical of 1st movements in sonata form
      • Bridge section has slower rhythm moving into the second subject - contrasts of rhythm used descriptively at an early stage
    • Instruments
      • Wrote it for a large orchestra - lots of instruments using specific sonority
        • Movement 5 of same piece - brass and percussion
      • Thought instrumentation all the time since he wasn't a keyboard player
    • Tonality
      • Follows expected pattern with some exceptions
        • Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet overture
      • Clear cadences to delineate sections but lack of modulation - makes new keys feel like new ones
        • Bruchner symphony no 6
    • Harmony
      • Diatonic and mostly functional - lacks instinct for harmony
        • Haydn Symphony No 26 1st movement
      • Idee fixe is harmonically vague
        • Tristan chord - wagner complex
    • Structure
      • structure of the first movement stretches conventions
        • Clara Schumann set work
      • identification of coda is problematic
        • Beethoven last movement/symphony
    • Texture
      • Highly varied throughout and changes frequently
      • Gives much independence to the wind section


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