Beyonce - formation

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  • Beyonce- Formation
    • Women
      • Beyonce stood in front of all the men she is with , shows empowerment
      • Ladies dancing in formation together, it shows them united
      • Dancing freely, mocking how slavery has been ebolished and they are free to do as they please
      • Beyonce dressed up as a slave master - she is in power
    • Police
      • Beyonce sat on police car - she doesn't agree with their actions. Shes higher up than them.
      • 'Stop shooting us' shows black people think police need to stop shooting them as a community
    • New Orleans
      • A city with a high population of black people living.
    • Context
      • Black lives matter
        • Black lives matter is a global network whose missio is to build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communitie by the state and vigilantes
          • #BlackLivesMatter is a Hashtag that trends on twitter their is also several black lives matter accounts on twitter for different USA states
      • Hurricane Katrina
        • A tropical cyclone struck the southeastern USA in late August 2005 and claimed more than 1,800 lives. The storm later became a hurricane Katrina which surfaced on August 23 2005. The police were demonized for the lack of support in New Orleans
      • Slavery
        • French collonists introduced Chattel slavery in Louisiana in 1706 when they made raids on the Chitimacha settlemetns. Thousands of peoople were killed and the surviving women and children were tkaen as slaves.
    • Black community
      • Black community is shown dancing together and proud against all the suffering from years ago and from the racism that still happen today





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