Biodiversity Factors

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  • Biodiversity Factors
    • Limiting Factors
      • Harsh Climate- limits BD as many species can't survive
      • Disturbance- fires/ natural disasters
      • Habitat Destuction- Brazil's mega projects
      • Pollution- kills species and plants
      • Resource exploration- contaminates surrounding ecosystem
    • Positive Factors
      • Climate- warm, wet tropical climates are best for BD
      • Gographical size- global scale ecosystems (TRF) can support wide range of species
      • Isolation- islands reduce BD but increase endemism
      • Age of Ecosystem- areas which remain undisturbed often have high levels of BD
      • Altitude change- low altitudes to high mountains amount to high BD
      • Net Primary Productivity- high rates of vegetation promotes BD
      • Conservation schemes-preserve biodiversity
    • Examples
      • Galapagos Islands-endemic species (climate, isolation)
      • Amazonia, Brazil-high BD (climate, age, size)
      • Arctic- low BD (harsh climate)
      • Formby, UK- conservation schemes


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