biological approach

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  • biological approach
    • influence of genes
    • to determine the involvement of genetic factors. we use twin studies to compare the concordance rate of the mz twins to the dz twins
      • concordance rate- the % rate/chance of one twin having a particular characteristic (schizophrenia) if the other twin already has it
    • influence of biological structures
      • these play an important role in behaviour. the nervous system carries messages from one part of the body to another by using neurons
    • influences of neurochemistry on behaviour
      • neurotransmitters are electrochemical impulses that transmit messages from one neuron to the next by travelling through synapses
        • there are different types of neurotransmitter, some which trigger an impulse (excitatory) and some of which stops an impulse from firing (inhibitory)
          • dopamine is an excitatory neurotransmitter associated with drive and motivation
            • serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter associated with mood
    • influence of evolution
      • psychologists believe that some human traits are passed from generation to generation because, at some point, they give survival advantages to humans
        • examples are- aggression, attachment, flight or fight response


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