Biological Approach

Mind map of three different assumptions in the biological approach including Localisation of Brain Function, Neurotransmitters and Evolutionary Influences.

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  • Biological Approach
    • Evolutionary Influences
      • Theory of Natural Selection
        • Darwin
        • Enhances an individual's chance of survival and reproduction
        • Genes passed down to the next generation
      • Environment of Evolutionary Adaptiveness (EEA)
        • Ancestral environment to which a species is adapted
    • Localisation of Brain Function
      • Four Lobes
        • Frontal
          • Thinking, creativity and personality
        • Parietal
          • Receive seonsory information like temperature, touch and pain
        • Temporal
          • Memory and auditory information processing
        • Occipital
          • Visual processing and receive information directly from the eyes
      • Localisation of Language
        • Broca's area
          • Posterior portion of the frontal lobe
    • Neurotransmitters
      • Chemical messengers
      • One neuron communicates with another neuron at a synapse
        • Synaptic cleft or gap is 20nm wide
      • Released from presynaptic vesicles in a neuron
      • Mental Health
        • Serotonin (plays a role  in mood, sleep and appatite)
          • Too little causes depression
            • 2022 UCL discovers this is false
          • Antidepressants increase availability of serotonin at the postsynaptic receptor
        • Dopamin (allows feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and motivation)
          • High levels associated with Schizophrenia


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