Biological Factors

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  • Biological Factors
    • Biological factors are microorganisms and cell cultures that can cause damage to health in humans
      • Bacteria
      • Viruses
      • Fungi
      • Microscopic parasites
    • Examples of biological factors
      • Nutrition
        • Diet
      • Maternal infections (during pregnancy)
      • Congenital defects
    • Pregnancy
      • The environment in the mother's womb can have a dramatic influence on a child's development
        • Drinking and smoking during pregnancy can impact on foetal development
      • Smoking
        • Babies born to mother's wo smoke tend to weight less at birth, are more prone to infections, and more likely to die of cot death
      • Any of these activities happening during pregnancy can affect a child's long term development including their attention span and learning difficulties
      • Drinking
        • If a mother is drinking during pregnancy a baby could be born with foetal alcohol syndrome
        • Foetal alcohol syndrome
          • Developmental and physical defects which have life-long effects
          • Tend to have smaller heads due to poor brain development
          • Heart defects
          • Learning difficulties
          • Neurological problems


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