Biological Treatments of Schizophrenia (AO1)

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  • Biological Treatments of Schizophrenia
    • Drug Therapy
      • What is the most common treatment of Sz?
        • What form/s does this drug come in?
          • These drugs can be used short-term or long-term, explain.
    • What does the term typical mean?
      • Give an example of a typical antipsychotic drug and how is it administered?
        • What neurotransmitter is this drug associated with?
          • Explain how this drug works to alleviate the symptoms of Sz.
        • This drug also has sedative effect, explain why.
          • Is this effect used in the clinical treatment of SZ and explain.
    • Explain what is meant by the term atypical
      • This drug is a newer antipsychotic, what was the aim of developing this newer drug?
      • Clozapine, explain how this is used as a treatment for Sz
        • What is the daily dosage? why is it not available in injection form?
      • Risperidone  developed in the 1990s why was it developed?
        • What form can this drug be administered in?


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