Biological approach to abnormality

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  • Biological approach to abnormality
    • States that mental disorders have physiological causes that relate to the structure and functioning of the brain
      • Bacterial infections/viruses - the brain relies on the immune system of the body to fight off any infection that may occur due to virus/disease. if the infection is able to find its way to the brain without being fought of by the body, then the infection can cause huge damage to the brain and its structure, preventing the brain from functioning properly. eg, the neuropsychiatric disorder general paralysis of the insane, has been linked to the infection with syphallis.
        • Hideyo & Moore - relationship between syphallis and general paralysis of the insane. post mortem on 70 individuals, syphallis bacterium found in 10 males, and 2 females. may not have been found in some because it was easily confused with other diseases, especially in its final stages.
        • Brown et al - relationship between respiration conditions in 2nd trimester of pregnancy and the child developing schizophrenia.
      • people inherit their physical features from their parents, in their DNA. when the DNA is replicating, mutation or damage may occur, which can lead to mental disorders. eg, mutation can cause an extra chromosome to be produced, causing downs syndrome. and autism has been linked to hereditary factors.
      • biochemistry - chemical imbalances in the brain may be the cause of many mental illnesses. due to the lack of or excess nuerotransmitters. eg, the excess of dopamine can result in schizophrenia. lack of serotonin can cause depression.
      • brain damage - through disease or accident. brain damage can be identified with scans in order to recognise tumors, or holes. in Alzheimers disease, memory loss is caused through the destruction of nervel cells. and spongey holey brains have been found in schizophrenics.
    • AO2 - hummane approach, doesnt see individuals at fault. based on strong scientific principles. twin concordance rates never 100%. research on animals. Scasz - mental illnesses are a myth, form of social control. creation of effective biological therapies. cause/effect


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