Bloody Code GCSE

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  • Bloody Code
    • What?
      • This was the name given to the English Legal System from the late 17th century to early 19th century.
      • Known as 'Bloody Code' because a high number of crimes carried the death penulty.
        • Nearly every crime was punishable by death!
          • Even crimes which would seem minor now.
        • 1688- 50 crimes 1815-215 crimes
    • Who?
      • Sir Robert Peel
        • abolished death penalty
        • Believed in rehabilitation
      • Wealthy men made the laws
        • Their attitudes:
          • Made laws to protect their own interests.
          • People who committed crimes were sinners, lazy and greedy
          • Public Executions
            • supposed to spread fear, but didnt!
            • They were public until 1820s
          • Anything to challenge their weath was made into a crime punishable by death


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