Bond Energies

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  • Bond Energies
    • Exothermic reactions - energy change is negative
      • Product at lower energy level than reactants
      • When reactants form products, energy is released
      • Surroundings get hotter
    • Endothermic reactions - energy change is positive
      • Products at higher energy level than reactants
      • Difference in height represents energy taken in during reaction
      • Surroundings get cooler
    • Activation energy is lowered by catalysts
      • Activation energy represents minimum energy needed by reacting particles to break their bonds
      • Catalyst can increase rate of reaction
        • Provide alternative pathway to products, which has lower activation energy
          • Means higher proportion of reactant particles now have enough energy to react
    • BOND ENERGY = energy needed to break the bond between 2 atoms
    • ENDOTHERMIC - energy released when new bonds formed is less than energy absorbed when bonds broken
    • EXOTHERMIC - energy released when new bonds formed is greater than energy absorbed when bonds are broken


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