book1 odyssey themes

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  • the odyssey b1
    • memory/grief
      • "Odysseus, who would do anything for the mere sight of smoke rising up from his own land"
    • kleos
      • "I shall send him to Sparta. .... and so win the praise of men" - Telemachus' whole journey wad to try and gain some glory and live up to his father's name
      • "My mother certainly says i am Odysseus' son; but for myself i cannot tell!" - Telemachus seek for his own glory to be like huis estranged father
    • disguise
      • "look like a visitor she assumed the appearence of a family friend ...Mentes" - Athene treesting xenia
    • divine intervention
      • "Yes, if only Odysseus, as he then was, could confront these suitors, there'd be a quicks death and a sorry wedding for them all." - Athene foreshadowing the death of the suitors
    • nostos
      • "Odysseus alone was prevented from returning to the home"
      • "Odysseus, who would do anything for the mere sight of smoke rising up from his own land"
    • the proem
      • "tell me muse" the bard invoking the muse to inspire the story emphasising the religious side of the poem
      • "resourceful man" introduces us to Odysseus by his epithet indicating his unusual heroicness
      • "their own trsnsgression that brought them to their doom" important theme of disobedience leding to distructi9n
      • "tell us this story, goddess daughter of Zeus" - cyclical structure
    • xenia
      • "he went straight up to the visitor, grasped his right hand, took his bronze spear and gave him cordial greetings."
      • "the suitors came in swaggering in and sat down in rows on the seat and chairs" - the suitors introduction and violation of xenia
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