book 5

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  • book 5
    • Athene is worried about calypso's  imprisonment
      • Zeus send Hermes to tell calypso to let Odysseus go
      • Zeus word is law
        • Zeus says that Odysseus will reach his nostos but he will have no help from the gods
          • 'neither gods nor men to help him'
          • Odysseus must be resourceful
        • Zeus says Odysseus will be given a raft, bronze, gold and silver
      • calypso thinks this is unfair
        • male gods can sleep with mortals but if a goddess sleeps with a mortal then the gods kill that mortal
          • patrichal  society as men get away with things the women cant
        • she even said the would make Odysseus immortal and ageless
    • calypso finds Odysseus sitting on the shore crying
      • send the message that he may be a hero but he is still human
      • calypso tries to convince him to stay
        • she asks if he thinks his wife is more beautiful than her
          • odyseeus says calypso is more beautiful but this is insignificant because his wife is a mortal
            • resourceful
      • Odysseus makes calypso swear on an oath that no harm will come to him
      • calypso provides tolls for the raft and food and Odysseus builds the raft
      • both Circe and calypso started as foes who tried to trap Odysseus but they both end up his allies who help him to escape
    • Odysseus  can see the shadows of the phaecian country
    • four gods who affect him
      • poseidon, lord of the earthquakes
        • on his way back from ethiopies
        • angry
          • roused the winds
            • cant prevent Odysseus from reaching his nostos because Zeus said it would happen
            • Odysseus was tossed out of the wrath but managed to get back in
              • heroic spirit is evident when images that he is about to be drowned when poseidon has shipwrecked him and he wishes he had perished honourably on the battlefield at troy and got kleos
                • to die at sea means no funeral
      • ino of the slim ankles
        • takes pity
        • gives him a veil that will protect him from injury and death
          • tells him to wrap it around his waist and to swim to shore. when he gets to shore he should throw it out to sea and turn his eyes away
        • Odysseus only trust himself as he knows how the gods trick mortals
          • 'i shall what i myself thinks best'
            • he decided to stay on his raft and will only take the advice if his raft is broken
          • poseidon send another wave which knocks him out of the raft so he swims to shore
      • athene
        • she calmed down the winds and summoned a strong northern wind to help Odysseus swim ashore
        • Odysseus cant land on the rocks as they are too dangerous and there isn't any harbours
          • so athene pouts wisdom in his head
      • the river
        • Odysseus prays to the stream asking for sanctuary and respect
          • the river checks it currents and brings him safetly to the rivers mouth
    • he goes into the woods and athene fills his eyes with sleep
      • this sleep is restorative and not bad


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