book 9

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  • book 9
    • introduces himself   to king Alcinous
      • identity
        • name
          • Odysseus
        • fathers name
          • Laetes
        • homeland
          • Ithaca
    • country of the lotus eaters
      • Odysseus send men to go and investigate
        • the men become addicted and forget there desire of nostos
          • the men have forgotten their     identity
      • Odysseus drags the men to the ship , ties them up and dragged them under the benches
      • forgetting their identity is dangerous for a hero
      • mental treats   are worst than physical threat        because a physical      threat is a glorious way to die
    • the county of the Cyclops
      • living in caves suggests savages
        • civic and social opposites of odysseus
        • they're monsters and have no morals
          • ' what a formidable monster he was'
      • said to be 'athemistes' as they have not regard for themis (custom, law and equality)
      • Odysseus and his men catch goats and slaughter them
        • Odysseus gets more goats for his boat becuase he is the leader
      • Odysseus and his men go of to explore the land
        • they find a cave full of live rams, wine and cheese
        • men want to raid the cave but Odysseus wants to make quest friends
        • polyphemus does not care for the gods and doesn't offer xeina
          • 'zeus is the champion of suppliants and guests'
        • polyphemus eats two men
        • polyphemus closes the cave with a large boulder
        • polyphemus eats two more men
        • sharpen a stick to a fathoms length, sharpen and harden it in fire
        • polyphemus eats two more men
        • Odysseus prays to athene god of wisdom
        • Odysseus gives polyphemus three bowls of vintage wine
        • Odysseus says his name is ' nobody'
          • un-heroic but    resourceful
          • polyphemus says ' i will eat Nobody last'
        • polyphemus falls asleep
          • four  men carry the stick and stab him in his one eye
        • men hide under rams and wait till dawn
          • they attach them self to three rams per person
          • Odysseus hides under the biggest ram
            • takes pre-eminent position
        • Odysseus shots his name to polyphmeus
          • to get kleos
          • polyphemus throws boulders at the ship
        • polyphemus prays to his father that Odysseus will be delayed on getting home and that none of his men will reach home and to find trouble in his own home
        • they split up rams, Odysseus gets the biggest one and sacrifices i to the gods
    • ismarus
      • cicones
        • plenty of wine and livestock
        • raid the land and kill most of the cicones
        • Odysseus wants to take the wine and livestock and leave, men convince him to stay
          • surviving  cicones go get help
            • six men from each ship are killed
        • Odysseus shares    out reaming food
        • holds a funeral service for those who were killles


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