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  • Brahman
    • scripture
      • "in truth Brahman is all"
      • "He moves, and he moves not"
    • What is Brahman
      • Ultimate reality
      • Limitless
      • universal soul
      • Beyond human understanding
      • source of all life
    • Nirguna Brahman
      • God is "divine consciousness"
      • God has no form or shape
      • Represented by Om or Aum symbol
    • Saguna Brahman
      • God has form and can be pictured
      • Gives personality to supreme beings
    • Key terms
      • Brahman
        • The Hindu name for the supreme being or God
      • Nirguna Brahman
        • God/ the supreme being as spiritual presence only
      • Saguna Brahman
        • God/ the supreme being shown in form
      • Bhagavan
        • the supreme being existing in the world of spirits and deities
      • Om or Aum
        • the sound and symbol of Brahman


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