Brain lateralisation and split-brain research

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  • Brain lateralisation and split brain research
    • Brain lateralisation
      • The two hemispheres are functionally different
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • Evidence from brain scans
        • Weaknesses
          • The idea of dominant hemispheres has been opposed
    • Split brain research
      • Studies how the hemispheres function when they cannot communicate, usually by severing the corpus callosum
      • Sperry
        • Procedure
          • An image was projected to the patients RVF and a same or different image was shown to their LVF
          • Sample
            • 11 split-brain patients
        • Findings
          • The patients could describe objects shown to their RVF, but not their LVF
          • Patients could select a matching object out of sight using their left hand
        • Conclusions
          • Certain functions are lateralised
          • LH is verbal and RH is silent  but emotional
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • Research support
            • Gazzaniga - split brain patients perform better than controls at some tasks
        • Weaknesses
          • Causal relationships are hard to establish


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