Brendon Gallacher

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  • Brendon Gallacher
    • Language
      • Childlike
        • "Mum" and "daddy" is fit for a poem about childhood
      • Non-standard English and Scottish dialect
        • "Wee" and "burn" - Scottish dialect. Makes the poem more believable as the language used is indictive of a child speaker
      • Conversational
        • As if she is telling a story and we are eavesdropping
    • Structure
      • Line repetitions
        • "He was" "I was" start most of the lines, as well as "My Brendon Gallacher", which shows her ownership of him
      • Half-rhyme
        • Makes it more realistic that a child wrote this, as well as making the poem more song-like and playful
      • Enjambent
        • Creates a conversational tone
    • Form
      • "Tender elegy" form
        • An elegy is a mournful and melancholic poem, often a funeral song or lament of the dead
    • Themes
      • Growing Up
      • Childhood
      • Fantasy
      • Death
      • Friendship


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