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  • Brian
    • How is Brian presented at the beginning of the play?
      • The audience first sees Brian with Cathy 'crying' over the situation.
    • How does Brian change through the play?
      • When Adam returns, Brian has returned to a childish, infant like manner.
        • As though trying to escape reality by becoming a child again.
          • 'I wonder what earth taste like, what do you think..'
        • 'Brian is giggling inside,looking around and breathing the plastic in and out.'
      • By the end, Brian has suffered a breakdown and may be sectioned.
        • 'stronger and stronger medication.. staring at a wall and drooling.'- Richard
    • How could Brian be a victim?
      • Like Adam, Brian is a victim of the others' bullying. He is weak, unable to hide his emotion.
        • 'i can't stand the way they look at me. And then, i cry.'
    • How does Kelly use language to represent Brian?
      • In Act 3, he speaks in short clauses.This suggest he is trying to get the others' attention
        • 'i found him, i found him, i found Adam.'
      • Kelly also uses childish imagery to represent Brian, while this can be comedic it also reminds the audience how traumatized he is from someone else's actions.


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