Social state of Britain 1951

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  • Britain social standing in 1951
    • Still molded by WW2
      • Visible signs of destruction from war.
      • Wartime rationing only ended in 1954
      • Men still had spend 2 years on National Service
    • Still traditional
      • Class loyalties still strong.
      • Class attitudes were reinforced by stereotypes.
    • WW2, Post-war years and welfare state had changed Britain a lot.
      • People attending Festival of Britain in 1951, felt it was a nw modern Britain
      • Baby boom after the war.
    • Demographic chance
      • Health and life expectancy caused a demographic change.
        • Birth rates were ahead of death rates.
        • Medical are had improved under welfare state.
      • Inward migration
        • Flow of arrivals from Ireland
        • Flow of arrivals from Commonwealth.
      • Outward migration
        • America and Australia were the main destinations
    • Britain's infrastructure was run down
      • Housing was needed desperately
    • More roads, more cars
      • M1 began being built in 1958.
      • British Railways nationalized in 1948,
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