Empire 1857

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  • British Empire 1857
    • Dependent Colonies
      • India was the largest and most dependent colony. in 1857 it was ruled by the East India Company
      • A number of islands like Malta. Mauritius, provided the royal navy with bases, enabling it to dominate the worlds sea.
      • The Empire included coastal areas of West Africa, which had once been slave trading ports.
    • Free Trade
      • The Empire was based on Mercantilism, but in the 1850's it switched to free trade. Free trade in theory profited both Britain and its trading partners
      • Mercantilism- government and the merchants became partners with the goal of increasing political power and private wealth
      • Free Trade- International trade with no tariffs
    • british attitudes to Empire
      • As a result of the industrial revolution Britain dominated world trade
      • between 1844-1870. at a period when there was supposed indifference to the empire
      • British governments were determined to maintain economic and strategic interests; threats to those often led to britain taking on more extensive responsibilities
    • Colonies of settlement
      • By 1870 most colonies with substantial british settlement had been granted self government, but britain remain in control of foreign affairs and defence
      • Canada contained french speaking colonists
      • Cape Colony and Natal contained Boers
      • West indian islands contained ancestors of African slaves
      • New Zealand proved a popular place for british settlement


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